About the Austin Justice Coalition

About the Commissioned Artists

Lakeem Wilson lives and works as a painter and illustrator in Austin, TX. He was first drawn to art when he saw black superheroes in comic books and became inspired by urban culture and hip-hop. His illustrative style explores the idea of diversity, and he supports art and education that advances the common search for a better life and a better world. Lakeem attended the UT Austin College of Fine Arts.

Kwanzaa Edwards is a painter and illustrator who currently lives and works in San Antonio, TX. She uses symbolism and color theory to represent unity and power, often working with female figures and psychological concepts that show strength. Pop-surrealism, anime, and American comics are some of the creative influences in her work.

About Boundless

Boundless is a branded products distributor headquartered in Austin, TX.  We are committed to supporting diversity, inclusion, and belonging in our teams, partnerships, and communities because we know that unique identities, cultures, and characteristics are positive and powerful.